Learn to thrive in a world with unwritten rules…before now!

While everyone enters the corporate world hoping the best, hope is not a plan. Unforeseen mistakes abound – and some can cost us our jobs. What they all have in common is that we could have avoided them had we known.

Written for those new to the corporate world or wanting to improve the careers, The Corporate Hell Survival Guide covers everything about navigating the perils of the workplace, government contracting, benefit packages, salary negotiations, and details on getting and keeping security clearances. Understand how to goof off at work and get away with it. Basics like the differences between contracting, consulting, and employment, and their pros and cons are included to help you decide the best path.

Problems with coworkers have ruined many a job, but you’ll better understand scenarios to avoid, including communication issues, how to handle corporate events, and how the workday and environment can inject concerns to mitigate. Even trying to leave for greener pastures can pose problems if not handled well, resulting in us leaving on someone else’s terms.

Author Randy Zinn has worked for over two decades in Corporate America and thrived to run his own company and work at NASA, the State Department, and other household agencies and companies. Gaining his firsthand knowledge in this book is your first step on the path to a greater share of heaven than hell in the corporate world.

Release Date: late 2020

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