I primarily write memoirs and will begin publishing them in 2021, starting with A Storm of Lies and Adventures in Opposite Land, then continuing with the trilogy, A Silence Not So Golden. More info on each will be available as they near publication. The covers for the aforementioned titles are in the design phase and blurbs have been drafted.

You can order copies from my page at Amazon: http://bit.ly/ZinnAmazon


A Storm of Lies: A Father’s Fight to Raise His Children
Corporate Hell: A Memoir
Consulting Hell: A Memoir

Adventures in Opposite Land (The Memoir Shorts, #1)
Am I Evil? (The Memoir Shorts, #2)

Refusal to Engage (A Silence Not So Golden, #1)
A Blast of Light (A Silence Not So Golden, #2)
The Wine-Dark Sea (A Silence Not So Golden, #3)


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