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tendonitis2As someone who’s dealt with tendonitis in both arms for almost two decades, I can assure you this injury isn’t something you want.  If you’re not convinced, here are ten reasons you may not have considered.

1. It can ruin your sex life

Your hands can stimulate your partner (or yourself) to great effect – until you can’t do that anymore. Or maybe you can’t do it long enough, having to keep resting, which can kill the arousal buildup your hands were causing.  This means your partner is affected, too.  There are also positions you can no longer do, like missionary (if you’re the guy, on top), because you can’t support your weight like that.

2. You can lose your job

Most jobs need your arms and if you have to stop using them, you might lose your job and everything that goes with it, like insurance and 401k contributions. If you’re covered under someone else’s policy, you have some luck there.

3. It can end your career

If the injury is severe enough, you might never be able to return to your profession after losing your job. This is devastating, particularly if there isn’t another career available to you at first (i.e., you aren’t qualified).  Another career might not be nearly as lucrative, too.

4. It eliminates exercises and might ruin your physique

If you do any sort of weight training, those days may be over. I was a very toned, somewhat muscled young man. I now have only loose muscle on my chest (remnants of a past life).  My shoulders have no muscle at all, my biceps are average, and my triceps are nearly so.  The lack of tone is something I’m used to ignoring in the mirror, but I cover up at the beach, the days of having pride my physique (and the ability to do something about it) long gone.

5. Cavities

Did you know tendonitis can cause cavities? Flossing was too hard for me, causing too much pain, so I stopped for several years.  I developed a multitude of cavities between my teeth.

6. There’s a shortage of knowledgeable medical professionals adept at treating this

The treatment of repetitive stress injuries is in its infancy and finding someone qualified to treat your injury might be a challenge.  Where you live might impact this, too. There’s less information available on what your treatment options are, too. You will have a hard time getting educated.

7. Many hobbies will vanish

Do you play golf, softball, guitar?  Not anymore.

8. Disrespect instead of respect

Despite the injury’s ability to completely destroy your life, tendonitis gets no respect as a serious problem, which means you won’t get any respect either. You can be told to stop being a baby, or stop being lazy, or other obnoxious comments that make it clear people think you’re less of a person now. That includes people you want to date.

9. You can’t pick up lots of things, including your kids

Heavy things are out of the question, but some items leave you little choice, like trash bags, groceries, and wet laundry.  And your kids if you’ve got them and they’re young enough to need a lift.

10. You could be dealing with this the rest of your life

The impact on you will likely lessen in time, but tendonitis can be forever. Some things you’ll never do again, and others might have to wait many years and be altered for the worse, but either way, you’ll be re-considering how to (and if you can) do many things for many years to come.

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