What is the Suggested Reading order?

Assuming all memoirs have been published, the chronological order is:

  1. 1980-1989: Refusal to Engage (A Silence Not So Golden, #1)
  2. 1989: Adventures in Opposite Land (The Memoir Shorts, #1) – “Karma Delivered” story
  3. 1990-1995: A Blast of Light (A Silence Not So Golden, #2)
  4. 1996: Adventures in Opposite Land (The Memoir Shorts, #1) – “All That Remains” story
  5. 1996-2001: The Wine-Dark Sea (A Silence Not So Golden, #3)
  6. 2000: Adventures in Opposite Land (The Memoir Shorts, #1) – “The Stand Up” story
  7. 1999-2009: Corporate Hell: A Memoir
  8. 2009-2020: Consulting Hell: A Memoir
  9. 2000-2020: A Storm of Lies
  10. 2003: Adventures in Opposite Land (The Memoir Shorts, #1) – “White Rocks” story
  11. 2019: Adventures in Opposite Land (The Memoir Shorts, #1)
    1. “The Dark Whisperer” story
    2. “I’m Open to Suggestions” story

Note: this is being posted in April 2021 before the second volume of The Memoir Shorts is written, so more items may be included, resulting in an update to this.

When will the memoirs and more information about them be available?

A Storm of Lies is available now and Adventures in Opposite Land (The Memoir Shorts, 1) is scheduled for May 2021 release.

This is subject to change, but I intend to publish all three books of the trilogy, A Silence Not So Golden, before 2021 is over. The two “corporate memoirs” may be released before 2021 is over as well.

Does your ex-wife/family know about the memoirs?

Nope. All names have been changed. And no one I know has any idea I’ve written memoirs or anything else under this name. Sometimes they played a horrible role in events and wouldn’t enjoy learning about their negative impact on me, and I don’t want to “rock the boat.” They are not the audience I write for.