A Storm of Lies: A Father’s Fight to Raise His Children

A Storm of Lies

“Not only am I not kissing you now, but I’m never kissing you again.” With those words, Randy Zinn’s wife of 16 years, and who is two months pregnant with their second child, sets in motion a nightmarish divorce and custody battle that will test his calm in the face of personal destruction. And composure matters, for she is falsely accusing him of emotional abuse so that any sign of his turmoil might confirm it. And yet what could be more upsetting than her attempts to keep his kids from him forever?

But it’s all a lie. At its heart is a slowly unraveling mystery that finally explains why a stranger has been steadily replacing the woman he loves. Now she completes the transformation from the most trusted person he’s ever known into an unrecognizable threat who is seemingly capable of anything: parental kidnapping, an affair, withholding medical care from their children in her quest to keep them, and more. There seems to be no weapon she will not unleash with help from her lawyers, family, friends, and even her employer.

And all the while, she only admits that she’s purposely keeping him from knowing what’s going on so that he won’t feel even worse.

Suspicious and distraught, he sets about springing her traps and setting those of his own, the well-being of his children at stake as much as his right to see them, for the truth his wife has been hiding is a threat to them as well. Especially if she succeeds in keeping them to herself.

Release Date: April 20, 2021

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