The Wine-Dark Sea: My Third Death’s a Charm (A Silence Not So Golden, Volume 3)

From half the man he used to be to a thousand times the man he ever was.

Fresh off completing his classical guitar studies to earn a Bachelors of Music, Randy Zinn’s life implodes. The severe, acute tendonitis silently building in both arms has finally roared to life, ending his. Severely disabled and unable to do what he loves, he soon discovers he can’t do much else either.

In the midst of despair, he finds a potential solution to the speech problems he’s faced since childhood. If he overcomes them, it could mean living his life so much better than ever before, but will it even matter? Thanks to the injury, he no longer has a life to live any differently.

The first ray of hope comes from a physical therapist who starts repairing his ruined arms. But the progress is horribly slow, and a rude awakening awaits. An unlikely way out appears, but the tortuous path is full of surprises that challenge his crumbling faith. And yet this one thing can get him back everything he’s lost, and gain things he’s never had. Has the time finally come to emerge from devastation and silence?

A study in resilience, The Wine-Dark Sea is the dramatic, inspiring, and final chapter of a twenty-year odyssey of personal destruction and rebirth.

Release Date: 2021

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