A Blast of Light: My Death by Betrayal (A Silence Not So Golden, Volume 2)

Having found the one thing he’s good at – playing guitar – teenage Randy Zinn forms the band of his dreams, only to find it quickly turning into a nightmare. A betrayal from the drummer shatters his mind, leaving him suicidal, a faith in God bursting into being. But it will take more than faith to save him from what’s still to come.

His bandmates compare him to another local musician, whose bad reputation he inherits. Like igniting a flame thrower in a dry forest, it roars through the music scene unchecked, his musicianship – his only reason to live – used against him to prove it’s true and destroy him even more. Will the death threats, blacklisting, and ostracism control his future?

And he’s certain his best friends are behind the reputation’s spread, for they’re telling other stories about him. He has a secret about why he’s reluctant to be intimate with a woman, but they assume the reason is that he’s a virgin, telling everyone in the music scene this lie he can’t bring himself to correct. He can already see what they’re doing with “information” that is none of their business. Isolated, mocked, and tormented over it, he’s repeatedly subjected to crude, manipulative, and shocking attempts to make him have sex on their terms or face more ridicule.

The stories follow him to college, where he’s become a classical composer, but an incompetent teacher sets in motion another change of fortunes he can’t control. But in its challenge his finds a purpose, one that could lift him from all that is wrong in his life, if only he can hang on as even more hell breaks loose around him. Fatigued but defiant, he sets off on a musical journey through darkness that might, at long last, lead him into the light.

Release Date: 2021

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