I primarily write memoirs but have two books resulting from my time in the corporate world. You can order copies from my page at Amazon: http://bit.ly/ZinnAmazon

  • A Storm of Lies, Adventures in Opposite Land, and Tips on Surviving Corporate Hell have all been released.
  • The Corporate Life Survival Guide is scheduled for summer 2021 release
  • Corporate Hell: A Memoir¬†and Consulting Hell: A Memoir will follow in the fall of 2021
  • Next will come the three books of trilogy, A Silence Not So Golden, in 2022
  • In 2022, Am I Evil? will be released

More info on each will be available as they near publication, but covers exist for all of them. Book descriptions are still in the works.


A Storm of Lies: A Father’s Fight to Raise His Children
Corporate Hell: A Memoir
Consulting Hell: A Memoir

Adventures in Opposite Land (The Memoir Shorts, #1)
Am I Evil? (The Memoir Shorts, #2)

Refusal to Engage (A Silence Not So Golden, #1)
A Blast of Light (A Silence Not So Golden, #2)
The Wine-Dark Sea (A Silence Not So Golden, #3)

Other Non-Fiction

The Corporate Life Survival Guide
Tips on Surviving Corporate Hell

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