I am currently serving two masters, meaning I write fiction under my real name and memoirs under the name Randy Zinn. One sometimes takes precedence over the other. Below are the memoirs with working titles and a few words about each and the status, and how they all fit together. All plans are subject to change.

While I know how to self-publish, I’m intending to try for traditional publishing, so I haven’t ordered book covers.

Corporate World: A Memoir

This memoir covers my 20-year career (1999-present) as a software developer in the Washington, D.C. area, where I worked for the State Department, NASA, Department of Defense, and even the White House (briefly). I also formed my own consulting company and successfully ran it for years. It details the outrageous behavior that goes on among supposedly professional adults who act like anything but.

Status: Begun in 2017, this is 50% written, and my intention is to write one job’s story a month and possibly be done by end of 2018.

Corporate World Survival Guide

This companion to the above memoir gives aspiring and seasoned corporate players guidance on navigating the often treacherous corporate world.

Status: Planning phase with hopes of writing (and blogging) articles in 2018.

The Answer

This memoir discusses my 17-year marriage (and divorce) to an emotionally and psychologically damaged woman whose demons finally get the better of her, hurling me and our two young children into a nasty divorce full of false accusations, private investigators, therapists, and more.

Status: Not yet started. Probably next in line after the above books.

Refusal to Engage Trilogy

This set of three memoirs is an odyssey of turmoil, destruction, and ultimately triumph, rebirth, and transformation. Ranging from third grade (roughly 8 years old) through my 20s, it’s a challenging mess of personal hell I overcame.

  1. Book 1: I increasingly struggle in grade school, tormented by feelings of inadequacy and cruel teachers who punish instead of help me. Then my learning disability is discovered and help arrives. I also learn I’m good at something after all (playing guitar) and dream of a brighter future through it. Meanwhile, my family has inadvertently begun emotionally, verbally, and psychologically abusing me each time I speak, causing me to develop speech problems that increasingly silence, isolate, and depress me. Main subjects:
    1. Being Learning Disabled
    2. Speech problems
  2. Book 2: After high school, I form a band with me as guitarist, but it quickly goes wrong. The drummer betrays me and I have a mental breakdown, religious conversion, and become suicidal. Just after, another musician’s bad reputation is transferred to me and I spend the next five years threatened, blacklisted, and finally ostracized as a guitarist over it. Meanwhile, my best friend ramps up his sexual bullying as he tries forcing me into one sexual situation after another, culminating in attempted rape. In college as a music composition major, I’m forced into being a classical guitar major who must acquire four years of skill in only two years of school left, but I succeed under intense pressure. I overcome it all. Main subjects:
    1. A mental breakdown
    2. Religious conversion
    3. Suicide
    4. Ostracism
    5. Sexual bullying
    6. College turmoil
    7. Continuing speech problems
  3. Book 3: After a year of quiet, all of that classical guitar practice catches up to me. I develop such severe tendonitis that it obliterates my life, leaving me severely disabled. I finally get past the speech problems in unusual fashion. I could live my life so much better, but thanks to the injury, I have no life to live differently. When I finally escape from the tendonitis injury’s hold on me, with a new career as a software developer, I go on an 18-month transformation to create the new me and a new life. Main subjects:
    1. Tendonitis injury
    2. Speech problems conclusion
    3. New career as programmer (in the corporate world)
    4. My dramatic rebirth/transformation

Status: I wrote this as a single book and finished in 2012, but I now know it must become three books. As this would be challenging to get a publishing deal for, I am pushing the rewrite until later. But this is the story that made me a memoirist.

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