Ten Reasons to Not Get Tendonitis

As someone who’s dealt with tendonitis in both arms for almost two decades, I can assure you this injury isn’t something you want.  If you’re not convinced, here are ten reasons you may not have considered. 1. It can ruin your sex life Your hands can stimulate your partner (or yourself) to great effect – until […]


Ten Remedies for Tendonitis

If you have tendonitis, there are a number of remedies to try. You should consult your doctor before doing anything. 1. Rest Sadly, your best remedy is rest.  Avoid using your arms any more than needed and be careful how you use them when you do. Behavior modification is crucial to recovery.  If you keep doing what […]


Why I Blog About Tendonitis

In August 1996, a severe tendonitis injury (lateral epicondylitis or “tennis elbow”) suddenly appeared in both of my arms. It had been building for up to three years before finally making its presence known. I’ve been dealing with it ever since, along with a second tendonitis injury (this time medial epicondylitis or “golfer’s elbow”), once again to both […]


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