My name is Rand and I’ve faced a variety of personal issues discussed on my blogs here, including Attention Deficit Disorder, being Learning Disabled, having speech problems, a mental breakdown, being suicidal, sexual bullying, ostracism, and a crippling tendonitis injury, all of which I overcame before transforming myself and my life into something much better than before.

Upcoming memoirs and blogs will take you through my dramatic story.

Today I’m a professional software developer in Maryland and a single, 40-something, recently divorced father to my son (b. 2012) and daughter (b. 2016).

Outside of work, I play golf twice a month and write and publish fantasy stories with a literary bent. I’m semi-retired from music but hold a Bachelors of Music in classical guitar, Magna cum Laude (I was originally a composition major). I’ve released five instrumental guitar albums (3 rock, 1 acoustic guitar, and 1 classical guitar) and earned endorsements with Alvarez Guitars, Peavey, and Morley Pedals. Primarily a guitarist, I also play bass, keyboard, drums, and percussion, own my recording studio, engineer/produce my albums, and built all of my electric guitars.

Disclosure: while my first name is Randy, Zinn is a pseudonym to protect myself, my family, and my victims, er, I mean those I’ll write about in my memoirs.

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